When to Buy Your Wedding Dress

It’s every bride’s worst nightmare: you’ve found the wedding dress of your dreams, but it won’t be ready in time for your wedding day, and you’ve got to scramble to find your dress. This is a situation we want to avoid from the start, so we’re sharing a timeline you can typically expect when shopping for your dress:


When Should I Start?


Depending on your designer, it can take anywhere from 4-7 months for your dress to arrive after you place your order—and this does not include the time you’ll need for alterations. For this reason, we generally recommend giving yourself at least 9 months to shop. After all, your dress is made to order, and a high-end gown like your wedding dress is not crafted overnight. 


Well, How Long Do Alterations Take? 


Once your dress arrives, you can expect alterations to take about 2 months. This is simply to ensure that everything fits properly, from the hem length to the tightness of the straps. You should have your shoes selected before you go to your alterations fittings, so that your seamstress can fit your dress to your shoe height. 


What If I Need More Time?


We do allow rush orders with certain designers, allowing you to get your dress in 2-3 months. However, this does require rush order fees in order to get your dress on time. If you don’t want to pay rush fees, we also offer a selection of in-store sample gowns in sizes 2-10 for 40-50% off!


Need to start shopping? Book an appointment at Mila & Maya, and find your perfect wedding dress.