Things to Know Before Your Appointment

At Mila & Maya, we are available by appointment only—meaning you need to book ahead with us here. While we prepare for your appointment on our end, we think the entire experience goes much smoother when you know a few things ahead of time as well: 


Give Yourself Time


One thing we think is extremely important for brides to know is the amount of time it takes for your dress to arrive after you place your order. Typically, from start to finish, you should give yourself 9-12 months to shop for your dress, to allow time for the dress to arrive and for you to get any needed alterations. The last thing you want is to have your dress in time!


Bring Guests


We highly recommend bringing a few trusted guests with you to shop. Having a second opinion from someone who has your best interests at heart and will be just as overjoyed as you are can make the entire shopping experience much easier. That being said, we recommend you keep your group small—this way, you won’t be overwhelmed with too many opinions, and you’ll only have those most important to you there. 


Come Inspired


Lastly, we want to see photos of dresses you like! Browse our gowns online or bring in your Pinterest board and show your consultant the dresses you’ve been eyeing prior to your appointment. This helps us get a better sense of your individual style, and helps us to find your dream dress sooner!


For brides who are booking their first appointment with us, you get a 20% discount if you buy your dress at your first appointment! If you’re ready to start shopping, book an appointment at Mila & Maya, and we’ll help you find your dream dress.