Something Borrowed, Something New Accessories

If you’re planning your wedding, we’re sure you’ve heard of the age-old tradition of having something old, something borrowed, something new, and something blue be part of your special day for good luck. We’re here to give you some inspiration on two of these: something borrowed, and something new. 


Something Borrowed



Something borrowed typically means bringing in something that belongs to a loved one into your wedding, symbolizing the power of sharing in love. A few of our favorite “something borrowed” items include your mother’s jewelry, a piece from a relative’s old bridal look, such as a veil or a tie, or your best friend’s favorite heels. If wearing a borrowed item wasn’t what you had in mind, consider refurbishing a piece of a relative’s old wedding gown fabric into ribbons that tie your bouquet together, or even borrowing an original cocktail recipe created by one of your guests to serve at your ceremony.


Something New



Something new symbolizes the new life that you and your partner are going to create together. For “something new” items, we love when couples get a matching piece of memorabilia to forever remind you of your special day. These items can include custom moto jackets to wear at your reception, custom robes to wear in each of your dressing rooms, matching tattoos if you and your partner are more on the daring side, or coordinated statement jewelry, such as a pendant necklace and cufflinks with matching gems. 

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